Saturday, February 13, 2010

Another NEW Section

Last night I added another NEW section to our shop. We named it the "justBdazzled" section - a section for our crystal suncatchers.

When I was younger, my mom had a gift shop/candy shop (and I often worked many hours in it - but it was sooooo much fun!). She used to put together many different items using the Swarovski crystals for the gift shop. One of those items was the suncatcher. I was the lucky one to get all the crystals that were, in her words, "non-sellable" - the crystals that were broken or chipped and could not be sold to retail customers. I had quite the collection over the years! My bedroom window was FULL of beautiful crystals AND stunning rainbows (when it was sunny outside). The rainbows would brighten my days, especially on bad days when I needed a smile. So, it's with my pleasure to open the new section of our shop - and hopefully, others can be dazzled by a bright rainbow on a day when they need a smile!

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headchange said...

ooohh lucky you I have always wanted to do a whole curtain of crystals. I have an old victorian with 5 ft windows. would take forever to collect them all.