Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Virtual Lab

Forum Day was excellent yesterday...Found some GREAT shops, got some great advice...and even made some new "friends!" I made today the Virtual Lab Day, with my first visit there.
Before I start telling about today's adventure with the lab.........
Ashley's now a follower! Welcome Ashley. I hope that (in time) my blog will grow, so that I can start featuring my favorite shops...Yours will be one of them. Ashleyjdesigns posted on my thread mentioned on my blog from yesterday. She gave some outstanding advice, and I truly thank her for being so helpful. I browsed her shop as well, and there I found many pretty things...Giving me ideas for future birthday gifts that are coming up this spring.

SO...Today I made my first visit to Etsy's Virtual Lab. Interesting. First I stopped in to see what the Newbie Chat is all about. It was fun. You can ask a question and gets lots of answers right away. The chat is facilitated by an Etsy admin person (daniellexo) who gives great advice and also is author to many great articles for Etsy beginning sellers. It was worth the visit.
My second visit to the Virtual Lab was for the Shop Critique. There were way more people at that lab! It was hard to keep up with the conversations...So I actually left the lab early. There were so many people in there that I knew none of my questions were going to be addressed anyway.
At the Newbie Chat, I did get a chance to ask a couple of questions. I inquired about creating a facebook or twitter account...I keep getting different answers. Lots of people say that it helps bring traffic to their sites. Others say that it's not really worth it. So I guess we'll still debate the issue, and in the meantime, we'll just stick to our small blog first. My main concern is that all the social networking will be too time consuming.

Our main focus is to first get our shop looking the way we want it to look. We want our photos to be better. We want to get any and all feedback so that we know it's presentable. Then, I think we'll be ready to promote more and possibly start a facebook or twitter page. We have so many items to post (complete new sections and really fun stuff), but we're just kind of taking our time - which I don't mind. =)

So again, it was a busy day online with forums (I continued the shop critiques from yesterday's thread posting) and virtual labs - but it was worth it.


Pennie said...

Hi!! What a beautiful blog you guys have!! I am now a follower! I have so much to do on my blog, i had 4, then 3 & now 2...I don't have time for those 2 though so I am working and can't decide exactly what to do, but I'll fig it out soon... :)
Love, Pennie (Pernilla's Something Swedish)

M.M.E. said...

You've certainly made a lot of progress! I'll be eager to see how your shop grows.