Monday, March 8, 2010

justBmoody Mood Jewelry now a NEW section!

These are sample pieces from our newest section, added today - justBmoody Mood Jewelry!

We're excited to be adding these to our shop. My daughter has been wearing her mood bracelet to school every day since I made it for her two weeks ago. She constantly gets compliments, and she loves it. =)

What a way 2 just B you...Wear a piece from our justBmoody section, and show what mood YOU'RE in today and every day!

Check out the new section - visit our Etsy shop!!!


Admin said...

I like your Crystal Moon Mood Necklace! Wanted a mood necklace/bracelet since high school but they have limited design back then.

Pennie said...

WOW! They are sooo beautiful! Love the colors & how they shine!

EVA SB said...

I like them all but I think my favourite is the blue moon.