Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Listing for a New Section

Well, despite the fact we are still working on photos, we decided to go ahead and add the new section today. But we're only listing one item for the day (that's the catch).
Introducing...justBpretty - a section for our jewelry.
Up until now, all our jewelry was listed only for our "just B for a cause" section. This new section will be mostly for our crystal jewelry. Of course, more types of jewelry will be added in the future, because we've got lots of creations awaiting their photography sessions!

Here is our first listing for the new section. Feel free to comment on the pics...Give us some advice, we'll take all we can get! =)


Pennie said...

What a great Idea! Such Beautiful Earrings!! I can just emagine how they will sparkle in the sun! WOW!
Smiles, Pennie! :D

Artesia said...

Have fun with the photo shoot. Taking ppics is one of those things I always put off but really need to work on....

FarrenSquare said...

Beautiful earrings, beautiful photos! Great job!