Saturday, March 13, 2010


Wow. Lots of our items our selling --- just not off of our website...But hey, we'll take sales in whatever way, shape or form they come in with no complaints!

We sold our Moon Bead Cuff bracelet very quickly. And today, we sold our Crystal Moon Mood Necklace, along with the Moon/Star Mood Necklace! I'm so excited! =) The justBmoody Mood Jewelry section of our shop is already down to just two items. I've started working on getting another Cuff Bracelet together, but I have to take new pictures - then I'll be re-listing that in our shop tonight.

We've also been working on getting another new section ready for posting on our Etsy shop. I think you're going to like it...But I'm not going to tell what the new section will be!!! You'll have to keep reading my blog to be the first to know!!!

I see I've got 45 followers now! Woohoo!!! This is so great. I hope we can make it to 50, so the giveaway prize can be ANY ITEM FROM OUR SHOP (and I'll be listing plenty of new items for you to choose from by March 26th too)! It's EASY to enter the giveaway. Click HERE for the details!

Plus, I'm already excited about doing the next feature shop. I hope you got a chance to read the blog post about Dreamy Vintage. It's such a beautiful shop, and I'm so glad I got to share it with you all.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! =)

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Pennie said...

Weeeeeehooo!! This is so wonderful!! Sale after sale! That means you guys have such beautiful & great items!! You go girl! ;D
Keep up the Good work!!
Smiles, Pennie