Thursday, April 15, 2010

Feature for Friday 4/16/10

Oh wow. This feature is gonna be a fun one! I'm presenting to you a very fun Etsy shop...Especially 4 U by E and T. And I might be posting this one a little early, just because I want to be sure that it's up and ready for you all on Friday morning (sometimes being on CA Pacific time makes me feel always late compared to the rest of the world...). I'm just going to dive in now!

The shop's announcement asks: "Looking for adorable hand poured soaps made with scents like lavender, vanilla, and coconut?" Then says, "We make all sorts of soaps and can customize especially 4 U." The scents alone sound pretty common among bath and beauty products...But wait till you see what they mean by ADORABLE...

Here's the first find...ADORABLE Gummi Bears soap. Yep, SOAP, not the candy...Don't take a bite! I'm afraid to buy these, because I think my kids would try to eat them...Actually, I KNOW they'd try to eat them! LOL. They're so cute and fun. Scented like lemon, strawberry, orange, and lime these are sure to be a hit. Kids will love 'em and adults will too. They look just like the real thing, but they're soaps. Grab yourself a set of Gummi Bear Soap - Only $4!!! Want more info? Please click HERE.

Another fun soap that looks good enough to eat --- Yummy Yummy Chocolate Doughnuts with Strawberry Icing SOAP. Every time I look at the picture, I have to re-read the SOAP part. I can't believe it's soap! I want to take a bite out of one. How about you? Chocolate and strawberry scented, this soap is sure to be a favorite (just remember not to take a bite!). When purchased, they come in a little mini bakers box - how perfect is that? Indulge yourself - without the calories! For just $7.75 you can get a chocolate/strawberry fix for the bath. Please click HERE for more info and the complete item description.

Next up, another soapy sweet treat...Black Cherry Cupcake with Warm Vanilla Sugar Frosting and Candy Sprinkles! It's not a real cupcake, bu
t it's real candy sprinkles on top give it just the right touch. Can you imagine giving these out for party favors? Instead of real cupcakes, party go-ers can take home a cupcake they can enjoy that keeps their skin soft and silky. While it looks good enough to eat, it's a mouthwatering scented soap that's gentle on the skin! Click HERE for more info.

Last but not least, a more traditional-type soap. Elizabeth of Especially 4 U by E and T says (about this soap):

"There are honey almond soaps suspended inside the Bergamot and tangerine soap for special nourishment for your skin. There is real honey on the top of these pieces of soap and it is made with a Shea Butter base. There are not any harsh detergents to dry out your skin or remove your skins healthy oils. Your skin will love it!" I'm lovin' it just lookin' at it! How about you? Want to see more? Click HERE.Some fun facts about Elizabeth:
*** She's a stay-at-home mom. =)
*** She started out by making wreaths, and her creativity expanded from there.
*** She has sensitive skin, which prompted her to research natural bath and beauty products - and now she's hooked (so glad you are!).
*** She's from Indiana, USA.

You can follow Elizabeth here:
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Some other great finds from Especially 4 U by E and T...
* Bubble Bath
* Body Scrubs
* Goat's Milk Soap
* Body Lotion
* Personalized items (tote bags, wine glasses, initial soaps, and more)
And there's sooooo much more! You have to stop by the shop and see for yourself!
Visit - you'll love it!

Hope you like today's feature. I know that I love browsing the shop, and I can't wait to try some of these completely adorable soaps! Plus, there are more great items in the shop. Elizabeth is a multi-talented mama!!! I, for one, am actually curious to see a wreath...Maybe she'll blog about it (*hint-hint*)!

Thank you all for reading. I've got the best followers!!! =)
Please read my blog post from yesterday to read an important news flash about all sales from our shop from now until June 1st (money will be going towards my daughter's scholarship fund for a summer school program).
And stay tuned next week for our launch of a new section in the shop!!!

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especially4ubyEandT said...

Thank you so much! I love it and I am humbled and flattered.

Your blog rocks!

Thanks so much,

Art and Clasp said...

These are incredible! Definitely hearting this shop, these soaps would make wonderful gifts.

picciolo said...

what a great feature, that soap really does look good enough to eat!

Violetstone said...

HI, found your blog on Etsy and I'm following. Love you to follow me and please comment. I love comments.

Felicity said...

Those are so fun and they're making me hungry!

Julie said...

I found your blog on the etsy forums...great write up...