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Feature for Friday 4/23/10

I'll be busy all day tomorrow, so I wanted to get this post up tonight. And tonight I present.....Little Must Have! It's a great shop, with many must haves in it! This shop has unique and pretty items of crochet and a range of vintage heirloom offerings. Wait till you see...Keep reading!
Meet Little Must Have owner, Sonya. She says,
"My name is Sonya and I live in the Wonderful Barossa Valley in Adelaide, South Australia. I am a stay at home mother of 2 and spend most of my free time top to toe in craft.
A big Hello from 'Down Under' to you..."
I found GREAT items in her Etsy shop! So I hope you'll be loving what you see and stop by her shop to have a look around for yourself, because there's so much more there than what I can fit here. =)

First, I'll be showing you one of my favorite finds
from Sonya's shop. It was my first time ever seeing a bracelet of its kind. Since seeing Sonya's beautiful spoon bracelets, I saw one other bracelet from another Etsian - but it wasn't nearly as pretty (it was still pretty, but much more plain, as it didn't have anything dangling from it, and I like a little dangle...It gives the piece a little personality and style).

Sonya's work with Little Must Have is just breathtakingly unique and one of a kind, as she adds a special touch to her pieces to make them even more original. Just look at these spoon bracelets...Please CLICK HERE to view her entire line of lovely spoon bracelets. Prices are so very affordable, starting at just $15!!! Don't forget that Mother's Day is quickly approaching. Do you still need to get a gift???

Next up, a piece of her crochet work. Becoming more popular these days is something called crochet jewelry. Little Must Have can be just the place for some really pretty crochet pieces! This is one of my favorites from her line. It's a pair of earrings that were inspired by Lilly Scott from American Idol. How cool is that? I like the colors, and how the earrings are a bit wavy. So fun! Priced just right at only $10.
Need more info? Please CLICK HERE. Don't you just love those colors? Sonya has some other great crochet earrings in her shop that are lighter, brighter and perfect for springtime too. Be sure to check them all out!

Did you love those
Reinvented Silver Spoon Bracelets from above? Well, Little Must Have gives old silver spoons ANOTHER use with its line of Silver Bookmarks! Sonya's got a brand new section for these darling bookmarks. It's just another great use for an old silver spoon! As if the bracelets weren't enough, now there is one more reason to stop by her shop and see her offerings of reinvented silver! Please CLICK HERE, and you'll see the complete item description. Prices for these beautiful silver bookmarks start at just $9. A bookmark makes a great gift, especially when it's as unique and different as this!

Some fun facts about Little Must Have owner, Sonya:

* She's from South Australia!
* She's a stay-at-home-mom! =)
* She started getting crafty with crocheting, then her talents and creativity just grew from there.
* Her passions are sewing, crocheting, and jewelry (in her free time).
* She has ANOTHER Etsy shop, but she's closing it down (so Little Must Have can steal the spotlight).

Here's where you can find (and follow) her:

Remember, Little Must Have has more great items waiting to be seen by you (think heirloom, charm bracelets, and crochet rings). Click the link below to visit Sonya's shop!

And if you'd like to have a look around her second shop (carrying some cute undergarments and comfy night shirts) before it closes its "doors" for good, please take a look at this shop - A Little Cheeky Panties. Since it's closing down in less than one week, there is a big "CLOSING UP SHOP" sale going on. ***By the way, there are some eco-friendly recycled/upcycled items --- great way to celebrate Earth Day --- and only ONE more crochet cuff left!
This JUST IN, so I'm VERY glad I didn't post until now....Sonya has decided to keep her second shop, A Little Cheeky Panties!!! Let me show you a preview of what you'll find in this shop. I thought these handmade panties were cute and fun, and a perfect pair to show you all! So if anyone out there is planning on attending a bachelorette party for those spring weddings that always pop up...Hhhmmm...Cute panties, right?!?!
You can check out her second shop RIGHT HERE, or simply click the link below. Since she's keeping the shop open, there is no "closing up shop" sale. Instead, there's a nice clearance sale! So you can check that out, and enjoy great discounted prices (we're talking only $5 for these cute little pink camo panties!).

That's it for this week's feature. I hope you've enjoyed, and I do hope you'll visit Sonya and her two Little shops offering a great, BIG selection of items for your shopping needs and wants (all your must haves). There is so much to see!


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