Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fundraising Goal for Scholarship Fund

On the left hand sidebar, I've posted the stats for our fundraising goal. I mentioned this goal before on my blog post from last Wednesday, April 14th. Here it is again, for any of you that missed it.

All of our sales (excluding sales from our justB 4 a cause section) from now until June 1st will be going towards a scholarship fund for our daughter. She has the opportunity to participate in a great program through a California State University, allowing her to attend summer school classes at the college campus, while earning high school credits (she's in middle school right now). Classes are much like college classes, but geared for 6th-9th graders who excel in academics.

Unfortunately, the classes are so much like college courses that the fees are similar as well. We have a month and a half to raise about $1000 to go towards tuition costs, and we're determined to make it to the goal. She has applied for two scholarships, but we don't know how much she will be awarded yet. We have set our goal high, and anything that we make over the goal will go towards her courses for next summer.

As of yesterday, we've made it to $100 to go towards her scholarship fund! I'm so excited. If she gets all the classes she's chosen, she'll be earning 14 high school credits! I will post our progress weekly, on the sidebar to the left, so that you can keep checking back to see how we're doing.

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littlemusthave said...

Ohh Goodluck! I really do hope you succeed in your fundraising plan. What a great opportuntiy for your daughter. Best wishes