Friday, April 30, 2010

Giveaways Going On Right Now

Since I did not have time for the Feature for Friday here on my blog, I wanted to post something else for you (besides another giveaway question). So here it goes:
Besides the fun Mother's Day Giveaway on MY blog, here are a few others you might be interested in. Another one is mine - just on another blog! =)

This one has been going on for a little bit, but there's still time to enter. Winner gets a pair of our crystal heart earrings! Enter until May 8th.

This is one that I have entered. The giveaway is from an Etsy photography shop, and it's got some great prints in it! It's on a new blog that I found, and I'm really liking it. =)

This one is on that same blog, but a different shop. The giveaway is from Marchello Art, a new Etsy shop with really great recycled silverware items (remember those silver spoon bracelets from a feature Friday shop? Marchello Art has more ways to reinvent silver, and I love it!).

Remember that for more great giveaways, you can go to this awesome blog - it's ALL about great giveaways: