Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More Mood Jewelry

Our mood jewelry is selling like crazy, flying off the shelves! OK...I don't have shelves full, but I've got a table in my workspace...Does that count?

We started our justBmoody line, because I have always like mood rings and mood jewelry. I had a mood necklace way back when --- found it in a box and told the family it would be fun to make some mood jewelry.

We started with the cuff bracelet, and our daughter wore it to school. BOOM! We got orders for it right away. So we've been making necklaces and bracelets...People seem to like them, and that makes us smile. Smiles are good. Orders are good. Now if we could just take better pictures for our web shop (that's a little more tough)...And then get some orders from our site.

At the end of last week I did my first custom order from our Etsy shop jewelry line, though. So much fun! It was great. The lady was so awesome to work with. She had a vision of what she wanted to fit her style, and I'm hoping she receives her order soon and loves it. This is what the finished pieces looked like. ------------------------------------>>>>>

And our pieces with the Austrian crystals and mood beads are doing well too. Here's a new one, soon to be in our shop. We're just trying to get some better photos of it. Yep, we're still battling the photos...And switching up the backgrounds to see what does better, black or white. Sometimes it's black, other times it's the white. **sigh**

Mood Jewelry --- So fun, and now quickly becoming our most popular sellers. All because I went through an old dresser drawer and found my old necklace. Pretty cool!

I'm really hoping that I get to do that possible Mother's Day Giveaway that I mentioned yesterday. Help me get 111 followers! =)


Jean May Originals said...

I love mood jewelry. Your pieces are so pretty!

cabin + cub said...

oh how cool and fun. i remember having a mood ring, but these are much much prettier and cooler. ;)


Those are really cool looking. We had mood rings as kids and now my daughter is into them. These are MUCH better looking.

littlemusthave said...

Oh, These are so pretty. The Mood beads will never go out of fashion. They are just such gorgeous colors!