Monday, April 26, 2010

Mother's Day Giveaway Question #2

Question #2

What is something that you and your mother share or have shared?

My answer:
My mom and I think a lot alike sometimes. Maybe it's because she's such an inspiration for me. She taught me independence, creativity, positivity, and so much more. She's always been easy to talk to, and communication is so key in any relationship. So I guess I'd say that one thing we definitely share is those little moments, when we might be thinking the same thing, or have the same idea - and we look at each other just to laugh and smile. =)


clenna said...

My Mother and i share our love of education. She always pushed me to further my education and to have a career. She taught me independence, responsibility, honesty, and confidence.

artofamy said...

My mum is SO imature so we always share a laugh! Im talking fart jokes. Fart jokes coming from my 50 year old mother!
She does the silliest things and makes the most stupid jokes we just cant help but laugh! :D

Pennie said...

My mom & I chare that we can talk to eachother about everything, well, almost haha! :)
We like the same candy, Love having it cozy around us...Yes, that us! :)

Lyudmila said...

She taught me perseverance and sincerity