Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mother's Day Giveaway Question #4

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Question #4

What is a nice little surprise that you've received on any random day? Or what would you consider to be a nice little surprise to give on any random day?

My answer:
One of my favorite little surprises to receive on any random day is a simple, little note. It could be a note from my husband just simply saying, "I love you." O
r, it could be a small notecard from the kids, saying, "Have a great day, Mom," with a small drawing or picture in it. These little notes of thought are sometimes the best little pick-me-up-and-smile on any given day, at any given time. The notes give me a moment of thoughtfulness to myself, and a smile - and appreciation for those small moments to cherish for always.

How about you??? Earn entries for the Mother's Day Giveaway! Leave a comment, and share a little tidbit about what makes you --- JUST B YOU. =)


Admin said...

Thanks for stopping by,Kim:). Following you too.

teener1416 said...


the problem is im in finals so if you dont mind we will do the feature after i get back!

thanks for understanding!!!

clenna said...

Sometimes my husband will bring home flowers - i love that.

lavenderdreams4ever said...

My husband earlier today brought me a bouquet of Locust tree limbs with white blossoms! Smell so good!

Krishenka said...

I too have canna and they are as you say low maintenance but I love so many flowers it is hard to choose but if pushed it would have to be lillies with their seductive perfums

artofamy said...

My fave surprise it not so much a surprise as... a gesture ?

I love when my Partner gives me a wink. He does it every now and then and it just makes me relove him and smile and feel everything all over again :) That for me is the best surprise ever.

Pennie said...

My husband leaves me little Love-notes here and there a lot, he also buy me flowers saying, just because I Love you so much! That is so perfect and makes me so happy!! :D

Lyudmila said...

Best surprise is any gift for me!