Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Photos with New Lighting

Well, I purchased a daylight lamp in hopes of helping in our effort to take brighter photos. We pulled it out of its box the other day, but we only had time to take a few pictures. Let me show you a before and after picture, and we'll look at the differences.

One thing - we have different colored backgrounds f
or both of the pictures. I think we'll have to go back and try the same backgrounds so we can REALLY compare.


In the "before" picture, the background is white. Although, because of the lighting, it looks more like a grayish color. With the daylight lamp, we used a black background. I really want us to try the white background with the new lamp and see how it works. I feel like the "before" picture shows the detail of the beads better, but the "after" picture does show up brighter. Maybe it's just how the focus of the "after" picture, though. Pictures are so tough!!! We'll keep trying...

Which picture do you think turned out better? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!


Dreamy Vintage said...

I think the details and beads are clearer on the first photo but once you get a hand of using the day light I am sure it will be both bright and clear! Keep up the good work :)

just B you said...

Thanks, Dreamy! Practice, practice, practice...It takes time, but we're getting there!