Monday, April 5, 2010

Possible Mother's Day Giveaway

So I've decided that my second giveaway will be for Mother's Day. It will begin once I get 111 followers. That means if I don't get 111 followers by the 16th of this month, then the giveaway won't be able to happen. So...come on everybody, help me get 111 followers! =)

When we hit the goal of 111 followers for this blog, then on April 16th, I will post the Mother's Day Giveaway entry guidelines.

Right now the number of followers is at 93 - that's only 18 away from the goal! I know we can do it - together. Spread the word...It's gonna be fun.

1 comment :

littlemusthave said...

Well Ive joined, Who doesnt love giveaways! Come on everyone lets do this!