Sunday, April 25, 2010

Some New Additions

We've got some new additions in our shop! A new pair of earrings for the justBpretty section, and a new mood necklace. How do you like the photos? We also re-took some pictures for the paper bead necklace and added them. We've still got lots of work to do, but we're getting there. Slowly, but surely!

Our eco-friendly selection has to wait to be expanded on our Etsy site. Lots of our items were sold (just not on Etsy) before we could even get pictures taken. So, in a way, this is good news. =) We'll be hard at work putting together more pieces for our online shop. It just takes time, and sometimes we seem to be short on that.

As far as fundraising goes, we ordered some little buttons for our daughter to sell. They're pretty cute. We got them from (also the owner of the blog By Hand Giveaways). We're going to start selling those tomorrow and see how it goes. For anyone that makes a donation, we'll be giving a button - or people can buy a button for $0.50 too. Either way, she's learning the value of earning the money, which I think is important.

You can check out our progress on the left hand sidebar. We've raised another $70 this week! We're that much closer to reaching our goal...

I also see that we're SO close to the goal of 130 follower! We have until midnight tonight (pacific time). If we don't make it to the 130, then I'm still a part of two giveaways going on (don't forget). But I had a lot of fun with my first giveaway! It was great to ask and answer questions, and to hear from followers! That was the best part! So hopefully we'll get to do that again soon. =)


cabin + cub said...

cute earrings!! ;)

Pennie said...

WOW Kim!!!!!!!! Soooo Beautiful Jewelries!! Love the red hearts & the pictures are just great, clear & Beautiful!! Great Job!!

Hugs!! Pennie