Friday, April 2, 2010

Super Saturday DOUBLE Feature

I had problems with blogger yesterday. It was so frustrating. I started this post, and then it wouldn't save or publish. Anyone else have the same issues? I had to delete the whole thing, and start over, and then it still wouldn't post. I gave up yesterday. So, now this is my third time trying. I hope it works.

Well, since I missed last week's feature shop, and yesterday went not at all as planned with my blog post, I'm really glad that I have a treat for you all. It's a double dose of greatness, because I recently found out that one of my followers has not one, but TWO Etsy shops. I had no idea! So, I decided to feature both of Nancy's shops for this week's feature shop slot.

I found Nancy through the Team Hearts and Hands United (HHU) weekly thread in the forums. I often visit their "Making New Friends on Etsy" thread, because they are wonderful, talented people full of positivity (and so very friendly). For the few weeks that I've been visiting there, I never knew that these two shops (two avatars that I've seen quite a bit) were owned by the same person! So funny...I just thought the name Nancy was pretty common.

Anyway, Nancy's first shop is all about bags and so much more. Nancy's Bags Etc has more than just pretty handmade bags. In her own words, "Handmade purses, yoga tote bags, and organizers are a few of the items you will find in my shop. They are colorful, stylish, chic and sturdy." Nancy has been sewing for many years and is VERY skilled at her trade.

Here's the first find from her shop. It's a fun, bright business card/credit card holder. Such a cute and stylish way to carry all your cards! Priced just right at only $10. Need more info? Want to see more views? Click HERE!!!

Next up, a very versatile apron - with a nice floral print. With so many uses, you're sure to get your money's
worth. You can use it as a vendor's apron to stash your cash, calculator and other necessities (like the picture shown)...Or, you can use it for your crafting tools, gardening tools, whatever you want. Only $22 - what a steal!!! Click HERE to grab it, or heart it.

Nancy's second shop carries items that are made with the same skill and expertise - but not with sewing. She designs stained glass art!!! I must warn you...Some of the pieces in her shop are absolutely GORGEOUS. You've GOT to check it out for yourself. Designs Stained Glass has many pieces that vary in price range. There really is something that will fit just about any budget. I'm going to show you a couple of my favorite pieces.
What would spring be
without dragonflies? Well, this simple dragonfly suncatcher is perfectly small and perfect for springtime. It would look great in any window. And I can certainly see this hanging next to the crystal suncatchers hanging in my window...It would be the perfect addition to my collection - or any collection! Can you picture it in your window? It's only $22. Please click HERE for more info.

This is another must-have for spring. The Stained Glass Pansy Panel Suncatcher is colorful and oh-so-pretty. Can't you just imagine it in a window of your home, with the brilliant colors just glowing with the sunshine...You have to go to the item listing to see the other views (I only have room for one). Please click HERE. You will like what you see!

Some fun facts about Nancy:
***She lives in Rhode Island.
***She started quilting over 20 years ago.
***Everything in her two shops are ready to be shipped.
***She's a member of two Etsy teams: HHU and CAC.

I hope you enjoyed this week's feature shop(s). Sorry that I had to post on Saturday instead of Friday. I hope getting a double feature made it worth it. =)

Be sure to check out Nancy's shops:
Two great shops from one great lady. Keep up the good work, Nancy.


headchange said...

Nice feature.
And your blog is looking great!!

AMKreations said...

Both are lovely shops! Sorry blogger was frustrating you!

ScentedLuxuries said...

What nice shops! I'm headed to see them both!

Terrills Tiles said...

Very nice feature, great shops! Blog is fantastic :)

Jewels by Trish- Handmade Jewelry- Artisan: Trish said...

Nice feature AND her bags ARE sturdy!! She made a custom designed one for me & was great to work with!! =)

Trudy said...

I am so impressed with your blog. The shops that you featured are outstanding. Just beautiful. Nancy is extremely talented and creative. Thank you for sharing.