Sunday, April 18, 2010

We're in a Shop of the Week Poll

Vote for our shop so we can win the Shop of the Week poll on Chrissy's blog.
You've got to be a follower of her blog. =) We need some votes! Help us out. We have one week from today (Sunday).

That's the link. Follow the blog, and vote on the right hand sidebar. Our shop is the first one listed. =) Winner of the poll gets a great feature.
While you're on her blog, check out her shop. This girl is crazy talented!!! They're REAL eggs...WOW! And they're so pretty.


Warm Hugs Design said...

I just voted for ya!

Warm hugs,

just B you said...

Thanks for your vote! =)

nancy said...

I voted for you.

just B you said...

Thanks for your vote, Nancy!