Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Computer Problems

So my computer is having some serious issues. Really. I don't know what happened. I can go online, but it's really slow. I mean --- REALLY, REALLY SLOW!!! Even when it's offline, it's still going pretty slow. Any tech savvy followers out there? Maybe you could offer me some suggestions? I'm hoping I didn't catch some sort of virus or something. That would not be fun at all. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that this gets fixed. And soon!


Katie said...

What else is it doing besides being slow?

What type of programs are you using, how old is your computer and what system are you running off of?

I hopped over here from Tues Tag Along. Following dear and I've subscribed by e-mail so I'll check in soon.

dogsmom said...

I am having a similar experience. My "tech guy" (son) said there seems to be something invisible running in the background.
Hope you can figure yours out.