Thursday, May 6, 2010

Feature for Friday 5/7/10

For this Friday's Feature Shop, I'm presenting a great shop I found that also gives back to the community by donating 5% of every purchase to the Salvation Army. I love that!!! I'm jumping right in, and I hope you will visit this shop and find something you love. =) Please meet Missy, owner of Luvy Duvy on Etsy.
Missy says in her shop announcement for Luvy Duvy:
I have always wanted to do something really creative but give back at the same time. So for every purchase I will be donating 5% to the Salvation Army!"
Her s
hop is full of whimsical creations and vintage finds, and I'm sharing with you a few of my favorites. Enjoy!

First, an item that's been in my favorites for a bit - and it's NOW ON SALE in Missy's shop!!! The description reads:

"Decorate a fridge, desk, locker, with these cuties that can hold grocery lists, pictures, postcards, etc. You will receive 5 magnets that spell out the word LAUGH out of scrabble tiles. The tiles are adorned to clothespins that are different shades of blue."
Something about these little magnets just made me smile when I saw them. =) And now they're on sale, which is even better. Missy also has another set of this type of magnets, in pink - and spelling the wo
rd SMILE. Both are a great deal, now on sale for only $8.50 each. You can check out the blue set, please just CLICK HERE.

Next up is a beautiful vintage flower necklace. I love flowers, and this necklace is just oh-so-pretty (and lightweight too)! And one cool thing - the necklace is 28" but you can wear it long or short wit
h a simple adjustment to the lobster clasp closure! It's a great piece of jewelry, for only $38!!! Want to see more? Please CLICK HERE.

Need a pair of earrings? These lovely blue vintage beauties are quite a steal. They're only $17.50 - and so worth it! I'm loving the pearl center. =) I think it adds just the perfect touch of romance to the pretty blue geometric shape. Check it out for yourself, please CLICK HERE.

Another great find from Missy's shop...I thought it would be appropriate to show something a bit patriotic, because Missy's enga
ged to a U.S. Air Force Academy Cadet who is set to graduate in 2011!!! So, I thought this little US Air Force vintage wallet was perfect to showcase in this feature! Check it out! It's only $16, and remember that 5% of all purchases is donated to the Salvation Army. CLICK HERE to see the full item description!

Some fun facts about Missy:
*As mentioned, she's engaged to a US Air Force Academy Cadet!
*She's from Colorado Springs, CO!

*She's a student studying photography.
*Every patch that she uses was once part of a military uniform of a cadet, soldier, airman, etc.
*She gives back to the community by donating 5% of all sales to the Salvation Army.

Where you can find and follow Missy and her shop Luvy Duvy:
- Become a Facebook Fan - LuvyDuvy by Missy Mills!/group.php?gid=269531367105&ref=mf
- Follow the blog -

I hope you all enjoyed this week's feature. Be sure to stop by Missy's great shop and check out all the great items. =) Have a great Friday, and a great weekend!

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