Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fundraising Goal Update for Scholarship Fund

I wanted to give you all an update on the Fundraising goal for the scholarship fund. The tuition fees are due this Tuesday, June 1st. Our goal was to raise $1000.
You can read about the scholarship fund by clicking the link below:
Although we came pretty close to our goal, we didn't quite make it. We raised $700, but we're $300 short of the full tuition amount. Because o
f this, she will have to drop one computer class. When I go to the office to pay the fees on Tuesday, I will ask if they'll accept an extension for the remaining $300, because I know that in two more weeks we could raise the rest. If they do not accept extensions for payment, though, no worries - there's always next year. She'll be taking three courses this summer for sure, and earning 12 high school credits if she receives grades of an A in each class.

And we've decided to keep the scholarship fund account open and raise money throughout the year for all our childrens' educational needs supporting higher learning. The section in our shop called "HANDMADE by the KIDS" is a section dedicated to raising funds specifically for the family scholarship fund. We are trying to get a jump start on next year's summer courses, so all sales from our Etsy shop from now until the end of June are still going to go toward the scholarship fund.

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