Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mother's Day Giveaway Question #8

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I wanted to post this early, because I'll be out all day tomorrow and won't have any computer time. So here it is! Last question for the Mother's Day Giveaway!

Question #8

If you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

My answer:
I'd love to travel around Europe, because I've never been there before, and there's so much there that I want to see! If given the chance to go just about any place or foreign country, though, I'd take the opportunity if it was possible. I think travel is one of those things where there are just endless possibilities for adventure and exploration, no matter where it is (near or far from home).

So what about you? What's your ultimate dream vacation if it could be to anywhere in the world? =)


Amber said...

I would go visit Machu Picchu..which I think is in mexico. I think it is a very cool place and would love to spend a couple days hiking around all the old structures.

artofamy said...

I would like to go to Canada, i have always want to travel there, i have heard it is simply Beautiful and marvilous at Christmas time :)

Pennie said...

There are many places I want to go, but right now I have to say Sweden, since I haven't been home since summer of 2008.

clenna said...

Ultimate vacation: a cruise to St Lucia. I have never been to any of the Islands and I'd love the warm water, the beautiful skies and fresh fruit! Of course I'd have to have my whole family with me - then there would be 10 of us!

Lyudmila said...

I love Crimea and its Botanical Garden!

lusizova (at)

Ria said...

New York.Because who doesn't want to go there?

Sweepstake Lover said...

Egypt, because it's mystical. (follower name is Damla).

annabell_lee_dk (at)