Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Please help me in welcoming the newest section in our shop! Visit our justByou Etsy shop today, and take a look at the key chains made by our middle child, a 7-year-old.


The new section is called "Handmade by the KIDS." The first listing in the section - the snazzy little key chains that I posted here on my blog yesterday. =) I hope you all check it out and leave a comment telling me (us) what you think!

I learned something while creating the listing for the new section too. You see, I decided to use an inactive listing to create the key chain listing. Instead of creating a new one, I just went to the inactive listings. For my first ever giveaway, the winner chose the Crystal Moon Mood Necklace (I had made only one of those, and I won't be replacing it for at least a couple of weeks). So I figured, why not go ahead and use that inactivity? I mean, I paid the fee for it, and it's not set to expire for another two months. Why not just edit that and put it back to use? So that's what I did. I did some major editing, and I replaced the whole item description with the key chain info. Then, when I posted it (which was just a little bit ago), I went to the shop and took a peek. It was listed in the same order as it was when it was listed as the Crystal Moon Mood Necklace, and all the hearts are still on the item! I had not thought of the item having hearts!!! I had forgotten that people had hearted it! So now, I'm giving my sincere apology for those that have the Crystal Moon Mood Necklace hearted, because that listing isn't the same anymore! I completely changed it up, but it's still in your faves. If you're reading, please feel free to delete it from your fave items that are hearted. I didn't mean to intrude like that. Boy, did I learn something new today!!!

I also wanted to mention that this new section is made by the kids, and it's for the kids. All sales from this section will be going to go to their scholarship fund. Since creating the scholarship fund for our daughter, we've decided that we're going to keep it throughout the years for all of our kids. They can fundraise all year long for their educational goals. I'm liking the idea, because our daughter's fees for the summer school program are NOT cheap, and if she can raise money here and there throughout the year, it will help us reach the goal that much quicker for next year's courses!

I would also like to say WELCOME to all my new followers too! I'm so glad that you're following, glad to have you here, and I hope you'll have fun reading my blog. =)

Thank you ALL for reading! I hope you'll like our newest section. The kids are having a blast already and thinking of what they're going to make next!


Warm Hugs Design said...

What a great idea! And the items are so cute too. Best wishes on lots of sales!

Warm hugs,

Julee said...

I love this idea. Best wishes for big sales!