Wednesday, May 26, 2010

School's Out!

SCHOOL'S OUT for my daughter! Her summer school classes start on June 21st. Tuition is due by the first of June, though. Although we'll be paying the fees by June 1st, we will still be raising money for her scholarship fund. We've decided that we'll be fundraising year-round for the fund, in hopes that we won't have to raise as much next year in such a limited amount of time. Next year, she will probably be taking another four classes, if we can pull it off.

Right now, we've only got about $400 more to raise for the full tuition to be covered for this year's summer classes!!! With less than a week left until our deadline, she's busy selling chocolates and lollipops. Throughout the past month, though, she's managed to sell quite a bit of our mood jewelry! So we've been raising money for her scholarship fund, and getting our justByou name out there too! NICE!

Meanwhile, we're busy working on some new additions for our justBgreen line, and the kids are working on more items to add to our "HANDMADE by the KIDS" section. Stay tuned, because I'll post them HERE first!!!

=) Have a great Wednesday!


crisc23 said...

Following you from TAT Great blog =)

picciolo said...

good luck reaching your goal, it sounds like you are nearly there
: )