Saturday, May 29, 2010

Still So Slow

My computer isn't having the best of days. It's been so slow for the past couple of days...Still so slow that I could not do the feature shop for Friday. My apologies for that. I hope you understand. I'll be working on new ways to try and get this thing running a bit faster. Right now, I just don't have the resources to take it in to the "doctor." Hopefully, little tricks might work and just tide me over until I can really get it fixed. We'll see...We had gone out of town, and when I got back and turned the computer on again, it was once again slow...So weird. Right before I left it was actually ALMOST back up to speed (except for certain sites and stuff). Now it's like it went backwards or something.


42 things said...

You could do a couple things yourself...

have you run your windows utilities programs?

>start menu
>all programs
>system tools

run the disc cleanup first and then the disc defragmenter.

just B you said...

Thanks, 42! I'm going to be on it tomorrow morning!!!