Thursday, June 17, 2010

Feature for Friday 6/18/10

The feature shop for this Friday carries beautiful crocheted handbags, purses, and wallets. Owner is the ever-so-talented Robin, and she says, "All of my bags are fully lined, and include interior pockets, so they look great, are great to use, and hold up well. And shipping to the U.S. and Canada is FREE too!" With FREE SHIPPING and great product, how can you go wrong??? Keep reading, you'll see some awesome finds from Robin's shop on Etsy, Robin's Flight.

First up, I wanted to show you a couple of great patriotic items (since the Fourth of July is quickly approaching). T
his cute little wallet is crocheted with red, white and blue cotton yarns! I've nicknamed it the Stars & Stripes wallet, because it also has stars and stripes (so cute). You've GOT TO CLICK HERE to see more views. It's the perfect little wallet for when you're on-the-go, or to slip in your favorite purse, and it allows you to show a little patriotism. =) Not to mention, it's priced just right at only $12!

This second find is also a little patriotic as well. The title of this one really IS Stars and Stripes...Big Tote. It's actually the perfect tote to pair with the wallet shown above!
Here's part of Robin's description:

"This roomy tote is hand-crocheted in bright red, white, and navy blue cotton yarns with stripe and star motifs. Fully lined in red/white stripe and navy with white star fabrics. Large interior has one side zipper pocket and one side open pocket."
Check out more views,
and see the full item description! Please CLICK HERE!

Next up is one of my faves! It's a cute little Black and White Organizer Wallet Wristlet. It may be small, but it
can carry it all!!! I've got two pictures to share with you, because I wanted you to really see how much fits in this little thing! From the first picture, it doesn't seem like it could carry all that much, but look...The second picture speaks for itself. It's a perfect wristlet with room for everything you need. I like this little black and white one, myself, but Robin's got one in chocolate and cream too! Check out the line of organizer wallet wristlets, CLICK HERE.

And lastly, I wanted to share one of Robin's pretty purses. The one I picked is a Navy Blue and White Belted Pleat Bottom Bag. It's a great every day purse, with just the right femininity as the "
small blue floral and blue/white stripe fabric linings brighten it up." It features a simple, yet classic look, and "2 side pockets, one large interior pocket with zipper closure at top and small interior zipper pocket. Fabric-reinforced 30" handle." Like what you see? Please CLICK HERE for more info!

Some fun facts about Robin:
* She's from Michigan!
* The name of her shop has meaning...CLICK HERE to read for yourself!
* RobinsFlight is a proud member of CAST.
* Her favorite materials to work with: yarn and cloth.

Where you can find/follow RobinsFlight:

I hope you enjoyed the feature for this week. Robin has beautiful crocheted handbags of all sizes. Stop by her shop and have a look around! Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!

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Ritzee Rebel said...

What a fun feature, great job and lovely items, Robin!

RobinsFlight said...

Thanks so much for the great feature on my bags!

realfaery said...

Congrat! I love your bags!

nancy said...

Great feature and great shop.

MYSAVIOR said...

Robin makes beautiful bags and is a beautiful person.


picciolo said...

lovely feature on lovely bags!
: )

Julie Riisnaes said...

I LOVE Robin's bags and wallets!

YanniCreations said...
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YanniCreations said...

Great feature. Robin's bags and wallets do not only have beautiful designs but sturdy as well. I also love that cute black and white organizer wallet.