Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Item by the KIDS!!!

CHECK THIS OUT!!! The kids have been busy working on many new items for their section in our Etsy shop. Here's the newest listing, Clay Key Chains! What do you think??? Click the pictures and take a look for yourself! The third one shown here was made by my recently turned 4-year-old! =)Show 'em some love, and give the item a heart (the kids love that!). =)
See their section, CLICK HERE! They've made more items, but I just haven't gotten the pictures done yet...I'll get to it. I promise. Then I'll post them here on my blog first!

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Krissy said...

That's so adorable! My daughter wants to make things for my etsy shop, but we haven't gotten around to starting it back up again. :) Those are so cute.

Following (better late than never) for Tuesday Tag Along. :) I hope you decide to come and follow me back. :) I currently have a $25 Walmart gift card giveaway going on!