Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sunny Summer Question #6

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Question #6

Since the Fourth of July is quickly coming up, I'll ask a question based on that holiday. If you don't celebrate, then you can answer based on any summer special tradition that you and your family have instead.

What do you do to celebrate the 4th of July?

My family and I usually do different things, depending on what we feel like that year.

One year, we participated in a neighborhood block party. We even had the streets closed to the public! It was cool. There were bounce houses for the kids, a HUGE BBQ and potluck, tons of different desserts...And all the neighbors got together and met each other and had a good time.

Every year, we do buy some of the fireworks from the fireworks booths around town and set them off. It's fun to watch all the colors and different kinds of fireworks. The kids love it. Once or twice we've been to see the big fireworks shows, but most of the time we like to do our own thing. =)


Silver Rose said...

I used to do small sparklers and fireworks with my family, but now that I live in MA, far away from them and in a state that has banned all those fun flammables, I usually go to somewhere in Rhode Island with my boyfriend.

picciolo said...

The fourth of July isn't a big holiday over her in the UK, summer events for me must include a good picnic, and lots of sunshine!
: )

Jenny Bolech said...

Our tradition has been cooking out on the grill, and then being late for the fireworks because my husband isn't a particularly speedy cook! We did make it on time this year though :)

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