Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Working on New Pics

We're working on some new pictures, so that I can list some new items in our Etsy shop. Kids are in school again and getting back into the groove of things. Here are a couple of things that will soon be in our shop, but they'll have newer pictures and be in different colors than shown. These are items that were previously in the shop and were purchased. =)

A starfish SunCatcher to make beautiful rainbows in the sunlight.

A cell phone charm or zipper pull - "Good Luck" in Chinese characters.

And we've got one or two brand new items to list as well! Hopefully we'll be done with the pictures tomorrow, and I can list them then. =) We still don't mess around with photo-editing, so we've really got to just try to get the best light we can and deal. It just takes too long for me to do the editing. It's probably our slow computer. For right now, it's back to homework with my 3rd grader - and I've gotta find something to make for dinner!

1 comment :

Pennie said...

BEAUTIFUL!! As always! ;)

I Love working on new pics too.....even though it can be a little pain..
But after a few shots they usually end up pretty good, I hope haha!

Hugs and smiles!!