Thursday, September 23, 2010

Made My Day

After a pretty bad day, I signed into our Etsy account and noticed that we got a convo from the lovely customer that had just purchased the crystal star necklace shown below. She was letting me know that she received it. She also left us some really great feedback. It really made my day today and put a much needed smile on my face, and I wanted to share it with you.
Customer says:

I have to admit that when I bought this it was an impulse buy, and I kinda regretted it 15 min later. However when it came today and I opened it and saw how the light came through the star and the color of the mood beads all regrets disappeared and I fell in love with it. Shipping was super fast as well. Much thanks to justByou!

I'm so glad that she received it so quickly! I sent it out on Tuesday, so it only took two days! This is great. I know sometimes that shopping online isn't quite as satisfactory as buying in person, because you don't get your purchase right away. There's a waiting period. On the other hand, receiving your package in the mail is pretty fun! I know I love to get mail (and by mail, I mean the stuff that's NOT the bills!). I'm really happy that the necklace arrived quickly and that she was happy with her purchase. The crystal star mood necklace and the crystal moon mood necklace are really popular. I haven't gotten to make another star one yet, but the crystal moon one is still available in our shop! Check it out below. =)

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Pennie said...

Hi my dear friend! :) I was reading your blog and saw these wonderful pictures, and they are soooo beautiful!! My husband says the same!

Many hugs and smiles to you Kim!
Pennie :)