Friday, November 5, 2010

Still Without a Computer =(

Well, I'm still without a computer, but I'm once again borrowing someone's laptop, just so that I can check my accounts (and write a quick blog update!).

Sooooo...This is what I've been up to lately:

For Halloween, I made chocolate pumpkin jack-o-lanterns. How do you think they turned out? I made them for my daughter to sell as a fundraiser, but then she ended up with a bad case of the flu (right after re
ceiving the flu shot) and was out of school the entire week! So, we ended up giving them as Halloween treats to the kids' school teachers and friends. I wanted to show you all how they turned out, though. =)

For Halloween night, we had Transformers in the house! My oldest boy was Megatron, the evil bot, while the youngest was Bumblebee, the good guy! We carved little pumpkins and set them out on our walk way. And we decorated the porch with lots of spiderwebs, spiders, and we even threw in some ghosts floating around. We also had orange lights around our front door. We did a tiny bit of trick-or-treating --- only around our little block. Then we came home to pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters that came to our door. They had fun, and it was a fun night. They got enough candy for the whole family to share! I thought I had some pics to post for this, but they're not coming up (boo!). =/

Besides our computer crashing, we're having car troubles too. =( When it rains, it poors, so they say...It started with an oil leak, and then a nail in the back tire that's not fixable (we just need a new tire), and then there's the fact that we need to replace the CV boots on both sides (which means brand new axles - maybe a $400 job at the very least).

And then to top it off, our oven is broken!!! This just happened last week as I was going to put lasagna in the oven to bake, and I realized it wasn't cooking...It wasn't even hot! It's going to be at least a couple of hundred to fix. Aaahhhh!!! What a headache. So with all these things going on, I don't even have the money to fix the computer at this time. I could have it fixed for free, but I have to wait for someone else's schedule to free up, which could take some time (it's already been over a month!). So in the meantime, I'm just stuck being computer-less. I use my daughter's iPod Touch to check email and take quick glances at our Etsy shop. But without much online activity, our shop has gone pretty much unnoticed, and I can't really promote it that much if it's hard for us to check its status anyway...So you see my dilemma...I'll just call it another semi-vacation from Etsy, I guess. But, the holidays are coming - so it's really a bummer! =(

Anyway, that's my venting for the day. I noticed today, though, that I've got some new followers! Wow! WELCOME TO YOU ALL, and I'm so glad to have you aboard (even if I can't blog so much right now). We're almost to 300!!! I hope I will have my computer fixed before December (keep your fingers crossed for me), so I can get back to Etsy, blogging, and all the other fun stuff that I'm missing right now! Plus, I can't even begin to explain the inconvenience of having to take my daughter to the public library just so that she can type and print some homework!!! That's another headache...I never thought not having a home computer would be so annoying.

Well, until next time (and I don't know when that will be...)!

Happy November, everyone!