Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Tuesday Tantrum

For today, I have a tantrum to throw. Really. It's the END of free checking, for real. Last week or the week before, I had heard on the news that the big banks, are starting to charge fees for ATM withdrawals if you're not their customer (yes, it's Chase Bank, charging a fee of a whopping $5 to non-Chase account holders). Now...I happen to be a Chase bank account holder - for the moment. But the news that they're charging that much for an ATM withdrawal made my jaw drop. Literally.

So my account with Chase was opened about eight years ago. That was back when it was Washington Mutual - WaMu. How fun is that to say? WaMu. Catchy. Cute. But the real win - FREE checking. FREE checks. FREE ATM withdrawals, even at OTHER banks' ATMs. Plus, they had a program that they called WaMoola (again, so fun to say!) for schools - and they would
donate to local schools in the community for education and stuff like that. Even the atmosphere of the bank when you walked in was different than other banks. The newer branches had different, circular layouts - and even a kid-friendly corner with books and Nintendo DS systems to keep them busy for a few minutes. But I guess all the "free" stuff was a big part of the reason they didn't survive, right?
Awww...I miss WaMu.

Because then came the great fallout of the all the big banks. Government bailouts. WaMu went under and Chase took over. At first, it wasn't so bad. I had to say goodbye to the free ATM withdrawals at other banks' ATMs, but that was OK. No big deal. Checks were still free. The checking account was still free.

Right when Chase took over, though, the newer branc
hes, the ones with the fun layouts, kid-friendly corners, and great atmosphere --- got remodeled! Even though they were BRAND NEW! I asked why the remodel, and an employee told me that it was so all the branches could be uniform. That is SO corporate!!! But oh well. I got over it...Look what the box says...
Uhhh....Yeah, like the HIGHest fees for EVERYthing!

So this past week, when I logged in to my account online to see a fee of $10 taken out, listed as "service fee." I called the bank right away. What is this $10 fee? Well, the customer service representative informed me that without direct deposit, I no longer have free checking. I scrunched up my face. Yuck. The bank's motto: CHASE what matters. Yep, I'll be chasing a new bank now.

And so that's my tantrum. NO MORE FREE CHECKING. Why? Because I don't have direct deposit. We might as well close that account and go to Bank of America (their monthly fee is $8.95 without direct deposit, or we can deposit at ATMs with no fee) or Wells Fargo (monthly fee of only $5 without direct deposit). It's Bye-Bye Chase for us! They have the highest fees out of all the banks I've checked. Besides, Chase got rid of the kid-friendly corners anyway!

Any of you having issues with your banks? I think it would make me feel better to hear about your tantrums too! I just feel like times are so tough right now for everyone, and it's only getting worse.

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Aulani Photography and BH Giveaways said...

Wow I would be so mad. No problems for me...yet. But I hope you find a good new bank