Wednesday, March 23, 2011

These are Back!

These are back in our shop now! Click away and check them out!

Popular Drago
nfly Car Charm

Deep Blue Moon/Star Mood Necklace

I won a giveaway! =) I'm so excited about this. My friend Pennie from Pernilla's Something Swedish is part of the Sampler Village and hosted a giveaway for the Sampler Village blog. I still can't believe that I actually won. It's my second time winning a giveaway that Pennie participated in, so I'm feeling really lucky. Look what I won!

Organic and All Natural White Chocolate Apricot Fudge

Organic and All Natural Fig Clusters

I can't wait to try them. They look soooo yummy. It makes my mouth water.
Plus, I've been having a bit of a bad week (came down with an infection - yuck!), so winning this giveaway gives me something to smile about. =)


Expressions By Devin said...

I love the dragonfly car charm. Congrats on winning a giveaway... You look like you won a yummy one.

Re-Purpose History said...

I just wanted to pop in and say Hi, I found your blog on Etsy and I'm following. I'm at

I hope you feel better soon, seems like everyone is coming down with something this week :(

ElfRenee said...

Love the dragonflies!

You won fudge?!! Wow!!! Congratulations! It looks so good!