Monday, June 13, 2011

Back to All Things Etsy

Aaaahhh...I'm getting back to all things Etsy now. I've missed visiting all the team forums. And, while I was away, I was accepted into a new team - Promotional Frenzy Team. I was so excited to be accepted, but then I couldn't participate in any team activities because I had no computer (and this is the first team I've joined to have activities)! I was deactivated from the team before I could even meet any team members! So yesterday I made an attempt to be reactivated, and today I found out I've been accepted back to the team! Yay! I can't wait to participate now! All the teams that I've joined are great. And I've missed chatting with Etsy "friends." =)

Anyway, while we've been offline, we've made some new creations. I took pictures and everything. And then we JUST got this new computer. This morning, I did some photo editing... WOW! I mean, I know my old computer was practically a dinosaur, but WOW! What a difference! Some simple photo edits that used to take me a good 40 minutes or over, I did this morning in maybe half the time, if not better. It's SOOOOO fast! I'm loving it. Some things are waaaay different (like right now, I'm having trouble just centering some of the text for this post), and I have to get used to it still, but it's great so far.

So here's what we listed today, brand new for our section HANDMADE by the KIDS.

Glow-in-the-dark Zipper Pull

If you like it, please visit the page and give it a heart, or tweet about it, or like it on facebook! Or, even better, do all three! =)

We'll be setting up facebook and twitter pages soon! Yep, we're stepping up our social networking...Finally, you might say. This is something that I've thought about since the beginning, over a year ago, but I never made the step to do it. With this new computer, we're ready! There will be a lot of learning as we do this, but it will be fun, I'm sure.

Stay tuned for more updates (hint: giveaway coming REAL soon), and MANY more new items are coming. =)

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ElfRenee said...

Yay, welcome back!!! And welcome to the Promotional Frenzy team. :)