Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our Newest!

I've kind of been busy with voting for the Promo Frenzy Team Handmade Top 10 List, and I've put the blog on hold for a minute, but...I wanted to share with you our newest item. My daughter had the idea, and we spent an afternoon creating these fun accessories! They are now available in our shop, so go ahead and check them out! This is also one of the two items I put on the Promo Frenzy's List for the Top 10. =)
We hope you like them!!! We're also showing you some pics of how they look in your hair.

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ElfRenee said...

Those are so cute!

Linda B said...


Ashley said...

how fun! those look cute and easy to make.!!!

DiVaRoCkS said...

Such a cute idea and another reason to eat more starbursts!

Julee said...

How clever your daughter is. I bet the smell lingers in the hair--which is always a bonus!