Sunday, September 11, 2011

Etsy Friends Remember 9/11

I was going to create an Etsy treasury in remembrance of 9/11/01, but when I signed in to Etsy this morning, I found this wonderful tribute made by earjeans, a friend from team HHU (one of the first teams on Etsy that welcomed me with friendship). I hope you enjoy looking.

As we remember this day, I think about what I was doing at the time. It was early out here on the west coast. I was getting ready for school, and the TV was on, but I wasn't paying any attention. Then, just before leaving, I glanced over and saw the towers and all the smoke...Silence. And the rest of the day was just a crazy blur.

After posting this, I went to visit team Blogging Buddies and found great posts remembering this day 10 years ago. If you have time, take a look:

And here, another great treasury by a teammate from the Promo Frenzy Team of Etsy, SymbolicImports.

Now a couple of beautiful treasury collections from the BNRBabes team! The first one is by sarahjhanifan.

And this one is made by TheEclecticSlide. I couldn't NOT add these to this post!


Symbolic Imports said...

What a wonderful remembrance post!

Thank you for sharing my 9/11 treasury on your blog :-)

Christie Cottage said...

9/11/01 did not hit me when it happened. My husband died on 01/11/01 and I could not even grasp anymore sorrow at the time.

I think about the 10th anniversary of my husband's death and how deeply saddened I was and I know those people are feeling the same overwhelming sadness. Pray for them today.


Mano y Metal said...


Ruth Welter said...

Lovely post. Nice to meet you as well and I am following you as well now.

I remember very well what I was doing that morning 10 years ago, putting on my makeup in our tv room (lots of great natural light). The tv was on and I was watching all the coverage as it happenend.


Sherie said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing the treasuries too. Etsy is truly a wonderful community filled with amazing folks like you.