Sunday, September 4, 2011

We Have a Crawler!

Our baby girl is a crawler now! She had been scooting backwards for awhile, but now she really crawls. =) I had purchased some baby leg warmers, because I knew they would come in handy once she started crawling all over the place. They're pretty cute!
Here's the thing, though, she's got some chubby legs. The leg warmers fit, but the top seems just a bit too tight. So I'm wondering if there are leg warmers out there for the chubby legs? Most of the leg warmers that I've found on Etsy seem to be the one-size-fits-all type. Do you think there's someone out there willing to customize for me?

If any of you have suggestions, please leave a comment! And if you happen to have a link you could provide, please do. =) Thanks for your help.


Isobel said...

How old is she? If she's just begun to crawl, don't think it will be long before these leg warmers dwarf her! It's just that the little legs ain't been exercised yet!!

Now for walking - and getting everything out of toddler reach that's breakable! It's a long time since we had that size around - but do remember that bit of excitement!

Sorry not to have anything more concrete to offer you - hope others may!

Sher said...

You're in trouble now! Soon she'll be getting into everything. I miss those days! They are so cute at that stage.

As for the leg warmers. She will grow out of them so fast!

ElfRenee said...

Aww, how sweet!!

Additionsstyle said...

It's always fun to see them start crawling, and those leg warmers are super cute. Have fun chasing her around!

Kala said...

Can't help you with the leg warmers, but boy, are those legs the cutest or what?:):) Adorable!