Monday, October 10, 2011

Make Your Etsy Shop YOURS

Today...Oh yeah, more PINK! (I know, I know...By the time this month is over, I'm gonna be seriously all pinked out!) But the shops I share today can help you make your Etsy shop YOURS. These are two great shops that offer graphic design. Need a new banner & avatar for your Etsy shop? Check these out! I've chosen PINK items, but these shops offer soooo much more. Please, click the pics and shop names to find out more.

If you want CUSTOM, this is the shop for you. Lots of options, and it's all about YOU!

Premade Etsy Banner & Avatar Setby Kelly Designs

Just want a new, quick banner? Look at this little lovely!

Bright Pink Butterflies Premade Etsy Bannerby Erin Kimberly Designs

So, if you're an Etsy shop owner, what are you waiting for??? Make your Etsy shop YOURS!!!


bloomandbling said...

Gorgeous ways to make your shop Pink for the cause, or just to make your own mark! Great picks!

Leah R. Hood, Jewelry Designer & Artisan said...

Great post! Both very talented shops/owners with great selections!

myminimocs said...

great idea!!! THINK PINK!

Nichole said...

I love custom work.