Thursday, October 13, 2011

Plant it PINK

And today, I show you some pretty pink finds so that you can plant it PINK! These pink pots are colorful and fun, bright and cheerful. Need a pot for your flowers? Plant it pink! Take a look at these great pots and the Etsy shops you can find them in...

Hand Painted Breast Cancer Flower Pot Kit
Pink Ribbon Butterfly
by Ellen's Clay Creations

Ellen's Clay Creations has sold out of the Pink Ribbon Butterfly Pot featured today. Congrats on the sale, Ellen! Because of this, I am also featuring a hand painted bird house of hers.
Breast Cancer Bird House

Pink Polka Dot Planterby Adam's Designs

I thought these were great! I can picture some pretty flowers in either one of them. What do you think?


Isobel said...

Like all those suggestions! Have just begun to attend a Zumba class in the next-door village. Through October, we're all being invited to wear pink tops, and donate an extra 1GBP over and above the class fee towards the 5m GBP the whole UK Zumba movement is aiming to raise during the month of October. How many others of you would like to do a similar fund-raising gimmick? Lots, I hope.

myminimocs said...

i LOVE polka dots! fun finds!!!

Additionsstyle said...

Love the pink pots, the polka a dots are super cute!
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