Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkins are Carved!

Our pumpkins are carved! We carved four pumpkins, and we have two more, but we're going to draw faces on those two. It's always fun to carve pumpkins, though! It's one of those things you can do together as a family and remember later on down the road. Each time we start to carve, and the first person sticks his or her hands in the pumpkin to pull out all the goo...Priceless memory right there!!! The kids totally draw their own jack-o-lantern faces! We bought one of those books with the stencils before...It's still unopened. The freestyle faces are much more fun! We had fun carving, and I think they turned out great! What do you think?

I think I only have pics of three out of the four finished pumpkins, but here are the pics.



Do you carve pumpkins? What's your favorite memory of pumpkin carving?


Frannie said...

Great pumpkins! I always have a hard time cutting through the pumpkin. Wish I could find just the right tool to use.

Favorite memory. Leaving the carved pumpkins out until they shrivel up. They look so scary after a few weeks setting outside.

bloomandbling said...

Love the pumpkins!

My kiddos did theirs last weekend and they're now a shriveling mess on my porch...but they do look scary!

My oldest son is the only one that used the patterns we bought...he's such an artist he took the longest to carve his, but it does look great!

I didn't get to toast the pumpkin seeds this year (I usually do) I just couldn't bring myself to dig through the goop this time lol

Additionsstyle said...

Great pumpkins! We always drew faces on them, my daughter did not like the smell of the pumpkins and would not help when we carved them.
Everyday Inspired

Rebecca said...

I was always excited as a kid to carve pumpkins as Halloween is my favorite holiday. However, the love of pumpkins didn't get passed down to my kids. Both my kids want the pumpkins carved but refuse to touch the insides. So, guess who gets stuck with the whole process! I promise you it's NOT my husband! LOL! =+D

Sher said...

Great pumpkins! No, we don't carve them anymore. My kids are in their mid twenties so it's been quite a few years since we've carved pumpkins. Who knows, maybe next year we two empty nesters will do just that!

myminimocs said...

those are some great pumpkins!!! looks like you had a good time!!!

ElfRenee said...

Ooh, they look awesome!!!

CoffeeBreakCorner said...

Cute pumpkins! Ahh, how much I love Halloween!

Melissa at said...

Super cute pumpkins! I didn't carve any thing year, but my favorite part is the smell. Strange, I know, but I love it because it reminds me of Halloween as a little girl. :)

Thanks for the comment - I'm already following you as well! And send me a message if you need help with the button.


Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Used to love carving pumpkins with the kids! We've had some doozies over the years!

Glad to have found you from the Blogging Buddies team!

Lynette - SweetPosyDreams