Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chocolate Bananas for School

So last night was spent making chocolate frozen bananas for my daughter's class today. The school is having a food fair, and to top that off, her last class of the day will be full of food too! I know she won't come home hungry...

We made two kinds: Vanilla Orange Chocolate & Milk Chocolate. The orange bananas came about because we wanted to try to do different autumn colors. But in the end, we both agreed that the milk chocolate bananas just have a be
tter look.

Vanilla Orange Chocolate

Milk Chocolate
The milk chocolate bananas look a whole lot better, don't they? Well, she's taking both to school today, and we'll find out which ones the kids like better.

We almost have our Peppermint Barks ready to add to our shop too. Here is a picture of what will be added later today!

What do you think? Does it look yummy? Do you like peppermint chocolate? I do!


Tisha said...

Not interested in chocolate covered fruit but that peppermint chocolate looks very tasty.

Sandy said...

All of it looks so yummy!

Meghan said...

Chocolate covered bananas rock!

Meghan said...

New follower from etsy blog buddies.

Melissa at said...

Yum! These all look so good. Peppermint bark is my favorite holiday treat. :)


Mybunnygoboom said...

You just gave me such a craving for both of those things. Omg.