Monday, November 7, 2011

A Girl's New Shoes

It's pretty much a known fact that most girls love their shoes, right? I was watching an episode of Criminal Minds the other night, and one of the characters (Reid - the really smart guy) had no idea why noticing that a woman only had four pairs of shoes in her closet could be part of her profile, or a fact that mattered at all. I thought that was pretty funny. =)

Anyway, my little girl's got a new pair of shoes! And I thought I would share with you our review of the purchase. Our family is a big fan of Pediped footwear, but this year we found My Mini Mocs in the Etsy community, and we're all about trying new things (plus, we love to support handmade). The shop is also a part of the Etsy Angels, so we knew we were going to support for sure!

These super cute shoes are from My Mini Mocs on Etsy, so they're handmade! They are soft-soled shoes, so they're recommended by pediatricians for those tiny, growing feet. They are genuine premium
leather and machine-washable (which is always nice). They have a stretchy elastic ankle, for a GREAT stay-on fit. They're just great!

Here they are, a few pics for you to see:

Super comfy on her little feet!

A view from the top, looking down
(we had to pull her pants up a little so you could see)

And look at those soft-soled bottoms!

And here are a few of the shoes in the My Mini Mocs Etsy shop, available for purchase! Visit My Mini Mocs and have a look - they offer more than just shoes too!

If you're looking for pediatrician-recommended shoes for your little one, or you want to give a great gift, these soft-soled shoes are perfect.
The review of this item is completely our own. You can think of it as a "buy and try" review. =) Our family recommends My Mini Mocs, because we are 100% satisfied customers.


Additionsstyle said...

What cute little shoes! I saw the episode of Criminal Minds and I had to laugh a little too.
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myminimocs said...

This is SO cool! I'm thrilled to hear you & your little one are enjoying the Mini-Mocs!!! Thank you for this wonderful feature!!!

CoffeeBreakCorner said...

Omg they look so comfy! What a great find!

ElfRenee said...

Aww, how sweet!

Melissa at said...

SO cute! And comfy! I love that they're called "Mini Mocs" too. :)

Thanks for the comment on my blog! Happy to be following yours!


Kala said...

The shoes are cute, but the little feet are so adorable:):)

Shannon's Tales of Motherhood said...


I'm your newest GFC follower! I'm coming from week 31 of Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop!
I wish I could fit those shoes!lol cute
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Desiree @ Mano y Metal said...

eeeeekkk! they are ADORABLE! I might have to snag a pair for my niece! :D

thanks for sharing!