Monday, November 14, 2011

A Search on Etsy

Did everyone read my latest post? Well, if not, here's a brief summary...

I'm on the search for affordable stocking stuffers! Lots of you left some really great ideas and suggestions.
Thanks for all the great feedback! I had completely forgotten about the oranges in the stockings! I grew up with those too (or mandarins)!!!
And I'm so glad that so many of you like our Candy Wrapper Bookmarks! Those were the kids' idea. We have a few listed in our shop, and more to come. =)

So, since I'm on the search...I did an Etsy search for "stocking stuffer" and here are a few things that popped up on the list, and are under $20:

What do you think so far? Which one is your favorite? It's the first installment of my stocking stuffer finds. Be sure to check back for the finds for kids! And there are many more to come for all ages, so stay tuned!

Have any ideas for me? Do you have an Etsy shop and an item you want featured? Leave a comment! =)


myminimocs said...

so that soap!!!

Isobel said...

Hi there! Think my 2011 Christmas novelties might just qualify as a stocking stuffer: have tagged them at as such anyway. There are three more available, without delay: they take a couple of evenings to replace. They are the remaining Glove Puppets listed in my shop.

Hope you can find space in your blog promotions for them.

Best wishes. Isobel

artisanallunwound said...

I like the coal the best! I think it's funny. :)

bloomandbling said...

OH my goodness! That coal soap is a great idea! How creative!

Linda B said...

The acrylic cutes are cute, but the coal, what can one say? LOL

aquariann said...

Great ideas! My art bookmarks make magical stocking stuffers for bookworms. *nudge nudge*