Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mother Butter Review

Today I am sharing with you a really special treat for dry skin! It's winter time, and the air is cold...Your skin can become so incredibly dry...Mother Butter is what you need!

Sha'lise is the owner of Mother Butter and contacted me after reading about how my youngest son suffers from severe eczema. She sent me a small sample of her Original Mother Butter Body Souffle. I'm so glad she did! (Thanks again, Sha'lise!)

This is some of what she says about her product:

Mother Butter is free of chemicals, preservatives, fragrance, and dye. It's 100% organic, non-toxic and vegan. It's the safest, softest, most natural skin care choice for infants, Mom, Dad, and the Grandies too!

My son's skin is extremely sensitive. He has had skin infections on and off all of his little life. He has endured three hospitalizations and so many different prescription and non-prescription medications that we can't even count them anymore! We have also tried almost every single lotion and cream on the market. His skin still suffers...

We were happy to try Mother Butter, as we are always happy to try something new that just might work for him. These are our thoughts on the product:

  • Words we would use to describe the souffle: light, fluffy, airy, soft.
  • You only need a small amount to massage into skin, and you can feel results right away!
  • We LOVE the fact that it is non-toxic, even if swallowed!
  • Since you only need such a small amount, it is long-lasting.

Did the souffle work on my son's skin? Yes and no. It's great for areas like the back of his neck, hands, and face, or anywhere that his skin is not broken with open wounds. His legs and arms get too many open wounds for us to be able to apply the souffle in those areas. Sometimes his neck suffers too, but he has not yet broken the skin there since using Mother Butter.

Did I use the souffle on Baby Girl? Yes, I did! And it works wonderfully for her, as her eczema is not near as severe as her older brother's. Just a tiny bit of Mother Butter for her goes a long way. When her skin just begins to look dry, I put some Mother Butter on, and it worked like magic - Poof! Soft & smooth baby skin again.

Did I use this for myself? Oh yes, I did! After I first applied it to my kids' skin, I could feel how deep this souffle penetrates - even just on my fingers! I used it on my hands, which always get dry during the cold weather. It's GREAT!!!

Mother Butter is definitely something that I would recommend. It has so many uses, and you need only apply such a small amount to see it work its magic. Seriously! We have tried many different creams, and none of them have been quite like this. You should give it a try!

Sample Size

Mother Butter offers a sample size! It's only $2, and Sha'lise covers the shipping too! It's a great way to test it out and see how it works. You've got nothing to lose, but dry skin!

Plus, right now, you can get Mother Butter - the full 4 ounce size - for 40% off regular price! And still with FREE SHIPPING! You can't pass up this terrific sale! It's for a limited time only, so hurry and don't miss out!!!

Visit Mother Butter today, and try this wonderful body souffle! I'm headed there today myself...MotherButter.etsy.com!


our home to yours said...

sounds like a wonderful product! since I moved south, I don't have the winter skin like I did when I was a yankee, but I'll have to pass this on to my northern family.
- ourhometoyours

Tisha said...

I'm heading over to try this one. I have sesitive skin, as everything breaks it out. I also get really dry skin on my legs in the winter. They itch like crazy and if I ever scratch, it's hard to stop. I've tried all kinds of "healing", dry skin lotions, drinking more water, and taking luke-warm showers, with no help. I'm going to try this lotion.

aquariann said...

Mother Butter sounds like a divine way to combat winter weather!