Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Feature & Review 4 U

This week's Friday Feature is truly a great one, and I hope you'll take a moment to check out this wonderful Etsy shop. Not only is this a feature, it's a review for you...One of my "Buy and Try" posts as well. Double dose of greatness today! =)

I've visited this shop time after time, admiring her work. The sh
op carries beautiful home decor, with just a touch of bling! I love the light steel switch covers, but my house has a different kind of light switch, so I never bought one.

Well, boys will be boys, and the plastic light switch cover in my boys' room broke!
I know it's a REALLY bad picture, but you get the idea, right? Did I go to the store and buy another plastic switch cover? NO! Instead, I contacted Moana's Unique Designs and asked if she could do a custom order, for my kind of light switch, with a pirate theme. She was willing to give it a try. This is what she came up with:

When it was finished, she told me that she was not happy with how it came out. "Are you kidding?" I thought to myself, "It's perfect!" Why? Take a look at my boy's bed:

Yes, my 9-year-old son has been a die-hard pirate fan ever since the first of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean came out. The entire room is decked out in everything pirate. So, the light switch cover that Moana's Unique Designs made for us is PERFECT!!!

Below are some of Moana's Unique Designs' beautiful items. It's home decor with a lovely handmade flare, and the care and detail is absolutely astounding! I am a big fan of the bud vases in her shop (go check them out - so pretty!). Just click the item title or the picture to go to the item's description.

Check out Moana's Unique Designs and connect with her here:
Etsy shop:



myminimocs said...

what a great shop! and i couldn't agree more the light cover is perfect for your boys the bed too!!!! looks like a place for ending adventures for imaginative minds!!! very cool! have a happy friday!

Kelly Sorenson said...

Moanas Unique Designs is an awesome shop... run by an awesome lady :) By the way... I'm a die-hard pirate fan too. Yarrrrr!

bloomandbling said...

I love her shop. I'm going to have to order some of those "diva" switch covers soon. I wonder how she was inspired to do that? ;)

I love your little guy's room. Pirates all the way BABY! Yo ho ho..

Crimson Hill Soaps and Scents said...

Her shop is so great! I just custom-ordered a sports cover for my sons room. Can't wait to get it!

Sweet Fix @ Maria Corcuera said...

Very lovely shop!!!!! she has some amazing things!

keepingitindie said...

Such a lovely shop - I can totally see what inspired you to feature them. So much fun for boys!


Gulf Coast Laser Graphics said...

Great items in your shop!

Rose said...

Hopping over here from the Etsy Blog Team. :)

Her work is beautiful! The light switch works perfectly for your boy's room. I love the flowered one, too.

Link up your Friday Feature post with me!

PCF Team said...

LOVE this shop!!!
One of my favorites :)
Wonderful feature!

MoanasUniqueDesigns said...

Kim, thanks so much for the lovely feature on my shop. I am so glad your boys luv the light switch cover. Hey Crimson, finished yours yesterday, it needs to dry for a couple more days tho. Thanks again Kim, I truly appreciate it and all the lovely comments.

just B you said...

Denise, I wish I could take credit for her beautiful work! If you could see MY paintings...They would probably remind you of a Kindergartener's work. =) The lovely shop featured today is Moana's Unique Designs.

just B you said...

The pleasure was all mine, really!

BlogLoveTherapy said...

Very pretty! Love the flower outlet design.

Sher said...

Great shop. I love the seashells! So soft and pretty. Such a telented artist.

Nina Reweti said...

Great shop, I often tweet the items

Additionsstyle said...

What a fun shop! Moana is very talented.
Everyday Inspired

Frannie said...

How cool. Love the new light switch cover. Awesome shop.