Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Words for my Wednesday

I haven't done a Words for my Wednesday post in quite awhile, so here's one for today!

"Dreams are necessary to life." 
- Anais Nin 

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Do you have a quote you would like to share?  Please do with a comment!

Some other fun things for today...

If you'd like to visit a great blog hop, check out BlogLoveTherapy's Blog Hop #3 going on this week! 

If you like BNRs, check out the Etsy Rock Stars' Rockin' BNR, starting today at 3 PM Eastern time.  The link goes to the Preview, but once the real deal begins at 3:00, the link will be posted on the last page.  =)

Don't know what a BNR is?  In Etsy-land, they are very fun (and quite addictive).  You can find out more about what a BNR is by clicking HERE (a previous post that explains the process).

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  The week is half over.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Great Destash

Yes, you read it right...We're doing Spring Cleaning, and it's time for...The Great Destash!  We now have a new section in our shop for Supplies and Destash items.  We have lots of jewelry-making supplies and craft/scrapbooking supplies that we just haven't used.  We are trying to clean up our work space and get more organized.  It's a process...No one said we would be done in a day!  So far, we have four items in our new section.  I've posted a couple here, but remember - just click on the link or the picture to go to the item for more views and info.  =)


We're adding most of our jewelry supplies first, because that's the area that we're cleaning out first.  We have TONS of scrapbooking items too.  Scrapbooking is what kind of fueled the fire for our love of all things crafty.  So - if you make jewelry, or you like to scrapbook...You'll want to check out our new shop section!

How about you?  Have you done your Spring Cleaning yet?  Tell us about it!

Monday, March 26, 2012

We're Featured Here Today

Here are a few treasuries we are in today.  Hope you'll stop by and take a peek.  

I haven't made a treasury in awhile.  But these lovely Etsy shop owners have included us in theirs.  =)   I'm thinking maybe this week I'll sit down and take a few minutes to make one...
Are you in any treasuries today?  Have you recently made a treasury?  Leave the link in your comment!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fun Pastel Finds #1

When I think of Easter and spring time, one thing that I think of is pastel colors.  What about you?  Well, I did an Etsy search using the keyword "pastel" and these were a couple FUN pastel items that popped up on page one.

I'm on the search for more fun pastel finds...So if you're an Etsy shop owner, and you have a pastel item in your shop you'd like to submit for consideration, please leave a comment with your link.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Updated flickr!

I've recently updated our flickr account!  We've had this account for awhile now, but it's been pretty quiet, as we haven't visited it for quite some time.  I uploaded some of our custom orders there, because lots of them are not listed in our Etsy shop.  If you would like to take a peek, I invite you to do so!  Just click the link below:

justByou on flickr

Are any of you on flickr?  I'd love to add you as a contact!  Please leave a comment with your flickr photostream and I'll add you!  =)

And here's our newest item in the shop, HANDMADE by the KIDS (I finally got around to taking pictures of these yesterday).  You can click on the picture to go to the listing in our Etsy shop.  

Have a Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Few New Things

Here are a few new things that we've recently added to our Etsy shop!

So, what do you think?  Which one do you like best?

Are you an Etsy shop owner?  Have you added anything new to your shop lately?  Leave your link with your comment, and I'll check it out! 

Friday, March 16, 2012

New Celebration Giveaway Winner

So today we have a new Celebration Giveaway WINNER!   
Winner was chosen out of all entries, with 5 entries each for the comments on the Second Chance post.

And the winner is...

Journey of the Zoo!!!  Congrats!

Winner will be sent an email and have 48 hours to respond and claim the prize.

And don't forget this awesome giveaway by the Promoting Creative Friends Team, where you can win EVERY item featured in this treasury!  Ends Saturday, March 17 at midnight!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Leprechaun Trap for St. Patrick's Day

Over the weekend, my kids worked busily on a special project - building a Leprechaun Trap!  They made a Pot of Gold to lure him in and used a little Smurf toy as a "tester" for the trap.  When a leprechaun tries to get that big ole pot 'o gold, it will fall into a hole and go to the "dungeon!"  There is a little door on the right (not shown) where we can let him out, if needed.  =)

What do you think?

And don't forget that you can enter our Celebration Giveaway Second Chance, ending tomorrow night.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, March 12, 2012

We're Featured

We're featured here today, on the Promoting Creative Friends Team Blog!  Hope you'll stop by and leave a comment for us.  =)  

PCF Team

And here's a blog hop for some Hoppin' Fun over at BlogLoveTherapy!


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Celebration Giveaway Second Chance

Unfortunately, Maria did not claim her prize.  So...

Instead of just having a re-draw, I've decided to give a second chance for you ALL to win our blog Celebration Giveaway.  I will re-draw from all entries left on today's post.  Winner will be posted here on my blog Friday, March 16.  Good luck!  I will draw from past entries and comments left on today's post will be worth 5 entries.  =)  You can see the original Celebration Giveaway rules by clicking below:

Here's what you do:

1.  Of course, you must be a blog follower (GFC).
2.  Leave a comment here, telling me if you celebrate St. Patrick's Day - and if you do, your most memorable St. Paddy's Day celebration.

Me?  I've never really celebrated, and sometimes, I even forget to wear green (oops!).  But I've heard some really funny stories about green beer...

Monday, March 5, 2012

Celebration Giveaway Winner!

We have a winner!  It took quite awhile to get all the entries together, because Blogger had been giving me issues with comments.  Not all comments were published on the blog.  Luckily, comments are also sent to my email address, so I had all entries there.  It was just really difficult (and time consuming) to go through.  So maybe next time we'll go with Rafflecopter after all...

And the WINNER is...

Maria from Sweet Fix blog!

Congratulations!!!  Maria will be emailed this morning and will have 48 hours to claim her prize.  If she does not claim it, another winner will be drawn.  =)

I hope you all had fun with my giveaway, as I know it was very different than most giveaways you've entered.  I had a blast, and what's more is that I learned a little bit about all of you - my awesome readers!  Thanks for reading, and thanks for entering.  =)

Now for today, we have a Pinterest Hop going on over at BlogLoveTherapy.  Are you on Pinterest?  If so, come and join the fun!
Not sure what Pinterest is, exactly?  Here's a great article from USA Today, and it tells how to use it too!
How to use Pinterest from

If you are a small business owner, and you're not on Pinterest yet, here's a great blog post about what Pinterest can do for your business:

The Business Side of Pinterest by Kelly J. Sorenson at The Geekery

Pinterest is fun, and it can be addicting.  So what are you waiting for?  Visit the Pinterest Hop and find new Pinterest friends!  =)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Last Chance!

Today is your last chance to enter the Celebration Giveaway!  Good luck, and here's today's final question and extra entry opportunity.  And remember, this is what YOU could win...

I have two daughters, both with December birthdays (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, actually).  Yesterday I was thinking, at least their birthdays aren't on Feb. 29th!  That might be even worse than holiday birthday.  So here's the question:

If your birthday happened to be Leap Day of the Leap Year, February 29th, how would you celebrate?

Me?  I think I would always celebrate on March 1st, just to ring in the new month.

And remember, if you haven't entered the Celebration Giveaway with the mandatory entry, please do so by clicking below:

Giveaway ends tonight at midnight, pacific time.  Any entries marked after that time will not be counted.  Thank you and good luck to all!!!