Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fun Pastel Finds #1

When I think of Easter and spring time, one thing that I think of is pastel colors.  What about you?  Well, I did an Etsy search using the keyword "pastel" and these were a couple FUN pastel items that popped up on page one.

I'm on the search for more fun pastel finds...So if you're an Etsy shop owner, and you have a pastel item in your shop you'd like to submit for consideration, please leave a comment with your link.


pet collage said...

love your pastel choices!!!

here's one of mine i hope you will consider - for those who love rabbits


Crimson Hill Soaps and Scents said...

Those are both great choices!

Sher said...

What great finds! I especially love that shirt!

Powers Of Love said...

Super cool! Love them both!

Holly said...

Cute extensions, I love bright colorful hair! I've tried other ones before though and they never seem to stay in just right.

Mohala said...

I love all the wonderful colors, great picks.