Thursday, July 19, 2012

Back-to-School Time Submissions

It's back-to-school time already!  My kids start school in just less than a month now, so I'm looking for some fun handmade back-to-school items to feature here on my blog.  

 Please click HERE for image source.

Meanwhile, here's one HANDMADE by my KIDS!  We just listed it in our Etsy shop on Tuesday.
Have you seen any cool back-to-school items lately?  Please leave a submission here in a comment, because you know I love to feature your finds!


Christie Cottage said...


Ahhhhh Back to School..... I think it is about 3 weeks here when school starts. I need to check


Mohala Johnson said...

I love back to school shopping, but I don't; go to school, I think I need to change that! Good luck with the school items I look forward to seeing them

Sweet Fix @ Maria Corcuera said...

Already!!?? That was really fast!!! good luck with school shoppings :)

Additionsstyle said...

Love the bookmark! What a great idea. My daughter leaves in 2 weeks, I can't believe how quickly the summer went.
Everyday Inspired

Katie said...

I go back to college in a month, and I can't believe how fast the time went.

Here is a fun back to school craft, I made using dried up markers!

Sheryl Hastings said...

I sure do miss those days! It was so much fun to meet with Grandma and my sister, and we'd take the kids shopping for school supplies and clothes. Then we'd always go to lunch. To have those days back.....

KaRaLouTopia said...

I follow ColdhamCuddlies and I saw your link on her page and thought Id check it out. I have read a few of your posts and I LOVE your blog! I am a new follower. I love the background, I love the way you lay everything out and I especially love how quick you are to get to the point. I envy that! I sit down to write a little short blog and end up typing for an hour! lol
Anyways, just wanted to informally introduce myself


SuziesImaginarium said...

Hello Kim!

I just added some new pencil pouches to my shop...broken wrist and all...can't keep me from sewing :)