Thursday, August 2, 2012

BackPack Bonanza

What's Back-to-School shopping without looking for backpacks?  Here are some fun backpacks we found for our BackPack Bonanza to share with you!

by sineminugur
I really like this design.  You've gotta click to see more views!

Way cute for toddler boys, don't you think?

Lil divas would just love this one, and you can personalize it too!

No matter what age, a girl loves her zebra print!

from Tilly's

The last one is the one that my youngest son has wanted for over two months, so we just had to include it in our BackPack Bonanza post!  His grandma gave him money just to buy it, so he's incredibly happy.  =0)

Have you gone backpack shopping yet?  Did you find any really cool backpacks you'd like to share?  Please do with a comment!  And remember, they don't have to be handmade.  =)


Christie Cottage said...

These are cool backpacks!


myminimocs said...

kids now-a-days sure are stylin' compared to when i was a kid - these backpacks rock!!! really nice finds!!!

hope all is well for you ♥ Kim

lorenabr said...

these are great!

Pumpkin Cottage said...

Great blog! Great items!

Additionsstyle said...

Great finds! I love sineminugur bags, that is one of my favorite shops.
Everyday Inspired

Hi, Im Kelly! said...

awww! I wish I could have gotten calebs backpack personalized be we tend to lean more on the side of caution! so cute tough

Josh Barron said...

There are a ton of cool backpacks for men and women that are being sold nowadays. I'm looking for the one that will really suit my needs.