Monday, September 10, 2012

Must it be Vintage?

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While going through some of my mom's old boxes, we found some items from her old candy/gift shop.  She gave me the box, and told me to do whatever I like with its contents.  I'll show you a couple of the items, and you give me your opinion.  I was thinking of offering them for sale exclusively on our facebook fan page.  What do you think? 

Small Dream Catcher
Double Dream Catcher

"Must it be vintage?" I asked myself.  No matter how much I try to deny the fact, these are indeed considered vintage and are over a decade old in age (could be over two decades, but that's all I'm sayin').  They've been sitting in this box for quite some time, and although they've never been used - Yes, they are vintage.    

Incense Burner

So now that you've seen the goods, what do you think?  Should we list them on Etsy as vintage?  Sell them on our facebook storefront (that's pretty much empty right now)?  Maybe on eBay?  Your comments, advice, and opinions are much appreciated!  


Shanna Williams said...

Love the dreamcatchers. They would do well on Etsy I think, but offering them on your FB is a good idea too.

I found a nifty antique sewing machine this weekend but I'm not letting go of that baby. Restoring it to it's former glory and using it in my office :)

Melissa at said...

Those are really cool! They all kind of fit the boho trend too. Maybe try on your FB page first, then etsy?

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

The dream catchers are very pretty :)
Since you don't have other vintage items in your Etsy shop, I would start with your facebook page and then maybe ebay? You do have a good mix of items in your Etsy shop though, so they may do well there.