Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Giant Pumpkin Festival, Part 2

All right, so here's Part 2.  If you missed Part 1 of the Giant Pumpkin Festival, read it here: PART ONE.

Each year, as part of the fesitval, there is a scarecrow contest with a theme.  This year's theme was "Once Upon a Pumpkin."  The theme is perfect for Baby Girl, because she is ALL about the Princesses right now.  Visitors of the festival can walk around and then vote on their favorite scarecrow display.  Winner receives a "People's Choice" Award, or something like that. 

Sleeping Pumpkin

The Three Little Scarecrow Pigs

Humpty Dumpty

Beauty and the Beast

Which one out of those shown here do you think we picked as our favorite?  If you said Sleeping Pumpkin, you're right!  But they're all so good.  These weren't even half of the displays.  The rest were amazing as well.  Which one do you like best?


Christie Cottage said...

I love Humnpty Dumpty!


Ali Puckett said...

So cute! I like the Sleeping Pumpkin too!

Dita Maulani said...

Beauty and the Beast! <3

Unifyhandmade said...

Sleeping pumpkin is my fav! :-D

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

What fun...and how creative! I like the sleeping pumpkin too :)